It’s the treatment, not the cancer

It’s been a painful, uncomfortable week for Paul as side effects from medicine and recovery from treatment saw him at a very low ebb. He has spent this week largely on the sofa, not eating much, in pain whenever he had to move and sometimes just sitting there. I took a day off to be with him and worked from home the next day to make sure he was okay.

My chant this week to him (and myself) has been “It’s temporary. Remember, this isn’t the cancer, it’s the treatment.” That has given me (and I hope him) a lot of hope.

I’ve spent time on the couch with him watching movies at night. We haven’t been able to cuddle because of his pain, but just being in the same room with the pussycats nearby was fine.

Today he woke up with new energy. He had a coffee. He showed me that he can fit into smaller shirts (he’s lost about 20 pounds) – and I joked that I’m going to look huge next to him. He joked back that perhaps radiotherapy has another use – nuke your insides until you don’t want to eat! Makes the treadmill look more inviting.

We had a great discussion about technology and the future and his birthday – and right now he’s on the phone with his brother chattering away. My heart is dancing a happy jig.



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