Comcast – why so hard on widows?

My sister is dealing with the death of her husband and you are making her front up in person with a death certificate just to change the account into her name?

You don’t have a bereavement protocol to make it easier on people who have just had their hearts ripped apart?

Why can’t she fax or email things to you?

You are heartless, cruel, overly bureaucratic leeches!


I heard back from someone further up the ladder at Comcast. They said they’d send the forms out to my sister via email or post (her choice). She chose email. I then asked if she still had to go into their offices. She won’t now. That’s nice for her, but it shouldn’t be this hard. Comcast, get a bereavement policy in place!

Here is what I was told:

COMCAST: Hi Kerry I have had a chance to review the account. What I can do is either email or mail the necessary paperwork to be completed. Which one would be better? – QS

ME TO COMCAST: She prefers email. Her address is X. And please advise whether she still has to go into an office.

COMCAST: She should have the forms in her email at this time.

The forms will provide instructions for that region as it varies.
If the instructions do say she has to go in please reach back out to me and I will see if there is an alternative.

From what I can see on the forms there is a fax number to send information. – QS



A conversation with COMCAST via Facebook Messenger:

COMCAST – #comcast #comcastcares – Heartless, needlessly bureaucratic.

SUN 1:15PM
ME to COMCAST: Hey there – you are quite the heartless enterprise when it comes to widows having to deal with you.
My sister is dealing with the death of her husband and you are making her front up in person with a death certificate? You don’t have a bereavement protocol to make it easier on people who have just had their hearts ripped apart? Why can’t she fax or email things to you? You are heartless and cruel!

COMCAST: That is not good news Kerry, people passing away is never easy for any of us. Can you give me more information about what your sister is trying to do because for many things documentation such as this is not needed? Is she trying to disconnect the account? –Joseph

ME to COMCAST: She is trying to change the account from her late husband’s name to hers and change the package of services. She lives in Milford, New Hampshire.

COMCAST: A name change is going to require documentation from anybody, I do not have any tricks to avoid having to take those steps. But, she can cancel the previous account and build a new account in her name if that can help make things easier. We do no require documentation to close an account if somebody has passed away. -Joseph

ME to COMCAST: Joseph – it doesn’t take “tricks” – just a process that doesn’t require her to show up in person. If a document is notarised – email should be sufficient. What do you say?

COMCAST: My suggested action does not require her to show up in person. She can cancel the previous account and create a new account without going to the center in person. It is the best thing I can think of, considering the circumstances. –Joseph

ME to COMCAST:  So Joseph how does she cancel the account without documents? And is there a fee involved to close/open accounts?

COMCAST: We do not require documents to close an account when a person passes away. I would have to have her account information to know if the current account is under a contract. If for any reason she is in a current contract it will be best to switch the name on the account providing documentation. We would have to be speaking with her to disclose any account details unless you are an authorized user on her account. Do you happen to know if she has added your name to the account? –Joseph

ME to COMCAST: Can she switch the name without going into a Comcast office in person?

COMCAST: The name we can’t because his social security number is tied to the account, so her name would not match his social security number. That is why the name change is a little more of a process. -Joseph

ME to COMCAST: Then you need a new policy! That was my original point. Do you think it is a good policy to make a widow come into your offices in person when she has so much to deal with? No – it is a needlessly bureaucratic one. Change it. Let her email you the notarised death certificate. Have a bereavement policy. Be human.

COMCAST: I will pass along your feedback and thank you for listening to my alternative suggestion. I did want to review the scenario and try to come up with a resolution. Is there anything else I might be able to review with you today? –Joseph

ME to COMCAST: You want to review the scenario? What do you want?

COMCAST: Sorry for the poor phrasing, I wanted to review what your mom’s goal was to make sure we were doing the correct things. I also wanted to find another way to resolve the issue, which we have done today already. -Joseph

ME to COMCAST: Her name is x. Her late husband’s name is x. Phone x
Please contact her and help her work it out.

COMCAST: In a situation like this, she will have to reach out to us by calling in. This is for account security. -Joseph

ME to COMCAST: This is why Comcast has such a bad reputation for customer service. I am posting this conversation on social media.
Of course Comcast could have a bereavement office that could make my sister’s life easier.
And some bloody compassion

ME to COMCAST: My telco cancelled my husband’s mobile account and gave me his phone. Why? Because they jave a bereavement office and humane policies.
A phone call isn’t much to ask of a corporation
But it is yet another burden for a heartbroken widow
Let alone making her go into an office!
She is trying to reduce her expenses quickly

COMCAST: I understand and wish there was more we and I could do. This is company policy, however, and she would have to call in. I do apologize.-Josh

ME to COMCAST: Bump this up to a manager
Company policy is a cop out excuse

COMCAST: I am corporate here and can assist you with any issues. I do apologize but there is nothing more I can do. They would need to call in themselves.-Josh
ME to COMCAST: Bump me up another level. Your company policy lacks compassion and a notarised death certificate should be all you need to know he is dead
ME to COMCAST: “It’s company policy” should be the start of a dialogue, not the end of one.

Chat Conversation End




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