Late for a reason?

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Today I was late for work and it seemed like there was a good reason for it.

No, I’m not talking about the reason being that I fell back asleep. Or then got lost in thought as I pet my amorous cats. It was what happened after I left the house.

In the past when I ran late, I would panic and be in a bad mood. But recently, I’ve discovered by going to work outside of my “usual” schedule, I get to observe new types of people – those who aren’t 9 to 5-ers or students.

This morning I got on the bus and saw an older blind man and his dog. I asked if I could sit next to him and he said yes, with a bit of surprise.

I asked permission to pet his lovely, tawny dog (named Vincent) who was resting his head on my knee and after a few pats of the dog, I started talking to Paul, his owner.

Paul is 65, a retired mechanic. I didn’t ask how blind he was but as he asked me to describe my face and hair to him, I’m going to assume mostly. He asked what I was up to and I asked about his day. He then asked me about where I was from so I described it as best I could. First I described my mother – that she looked like Mary Tyler Moore with lovely pale skin, lovely kind brown eyes, a nicely shaped angular nose and a lovely shy smile. Then I described dad as being better looking than Elvis with his snappy blue eyes, black-brown hair and crooked, mischievous smile.

Then I described Prescott Arizona and went on to describe Sedona. How beautiful it was in winter with the bright blue sky, the snow dusting the soaring red cliffs and the dark green Ponderosa Pines. I went on to describe the river in Sedona as the road went by it up to Flagstaff. How in summer we’d drive down the winding roads to where the clean, cold water ran over the smooth, flat, red rocks. (Slide Rock)  How we’d grab an overinflated tyre tube and splash down in the water – the warm sun on our skin, the cool water splashing around us and beading on our faces, the cool of the shade and the light caress of the breeze full of the smells of pine trees and water and dust. The shrieks of laughter against the rush of the water as we looked down into its clear, light tea colouring and then at each other and laughed for no other reason than we were happy and young and good looking.

When Paul exited he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanked me.  A very nice start to a Monday in which I was running late.

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