Supply-side emotional health

When I was a child I remember a story called “The Plain Princess”. The core message was similar – find pride and joy in creating, doing and being of service — not from looks or consumption or power over others.

This little video/advert is titled “How to Find Your Passion” but there is something in it that struck me deeply.

The message regarded how one creates dopamine/joy in life.

When it comes from consumption it is nowhere near as powerful and life-sustaining as when dopamine comes from achievement and creation. Consumption-based dopamine leads to addictions. Creation-based dopamine leads to passion and fulfilment.

In an attempt to calm my fears, soothe loneliness and deal with frustration at some things I haven’t been able to change — I’ve been largely a consumer. Watching television for hours every night and tied to social media. When that doesn’t work, I sleep.

The result was that my health has suffered – both physical and mental.

I want to get out and do more, but many things cost money and I am tied to my mortgage. So, I’ve made the decision to sever that tie, risk never owning my own place again and to find another way to live. The world isn’t going to come to my door. I’ve got to get out amongst it.

  • I am scared.
  • I am afraid I will be tied to renting for the rest of my life, never with any security, always at the whim of the landlord raising rent – never with any choices about where I can put nails in the wall.
  • I’m frightened it will be difficult to find a nice place that allows two cats.
  • I dislike abrupt change because of what I went through with Paul, and I’m getting older.

But if I don’t do something to free up cash flow and invest in my joy, I am going to have a joyless life.

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